sealed deckbuilding

Might be a little late sry, Sealed is all about having creatures creatures and more creatures! seriously tho cheap efficient guys are what you look for and maybe 1-3 big cards (5 mana or more) to act as finishers and minimal amount of tricks/burn/kills spells/counters/and utility enchantments usually 5-8. the minimum amount of cards you can have is forty so play no more than 42! get it to 40 if you can. play 17 lands and 23 actual cards. that gives a really good chance to get your land drops and being able to play most of your cards in any given game... you can increase the land count if you run more expensive creatures or have 3 or more colors but no more than 18, and you can live with 16 if you get lucky and play 1 color or 2 colors with lots of dual lands and  low LOW mana curve.

I just got home from the midnight tourney, 7th place out of 36 people!