Dear Day9

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first of all I would like you and your followers to excuse my english. As a frenchmen living in Germany, don't be hard on me. Saying that, the first thing I thought about your article announcing the purpose of you doing a blog was "wow, that guy is incredible".

I discoverd Starcraft 2 after forgetting I played SC1 and Broodwar for more than 15 years. I accidently discovered there was a nerd actually teaching people about it. And time after time I discover that not only you learn us to be better gamers, you also teach us much more.I follow you since nearly 2 years now and I can't believe each time I see you take the next steps in your (business) life. So the blog was for me a question of time and I am glad I can follow this new adventure with everyone.

Yeah I know it may feel cheesy when put into words... So befor I spam your new blog completly, I wanted to thank you for what you do. I encourage the visitors to read your Manifeso, your writing skills are as good as your casting or playing skills. Long live your blog and I wish you a lot of success for this challenge and the next ones too.

Thank you Day9 for making my days!

Thomas (Biskoty)