Some comments on your replay

Hi Chlippry, thank you for your replay and congratz for the win.

As you play in Silver league I was a bit relieved watching your game and the mistakes you did. I do exactly the same ones ;)so there is hope i reach the silver league again.

One thing I notice since the new season is, SC2 WoL being out for quite long now, the bronze league (to which I belong, I only play really few unfortunately) is not what i was. I mean where I could in the first days compete in Silver League is today not enoug for the bottom of bronze. Is it me or is "the general level of skills" in SC2 getting better. I hope for the second choice otherwise it would mean I suck at it :-)

Anyway as a Day9 fan I suppose you already noticed some of the mistakes you did but it would be good to list some of them here for poeple like me trying to improve. What i could notice after watching your replay once:

- you used a lot of scans when you applied pressure. I would think using few stimmed marines to check the entry is better and cost effective.

- your thread is based on 2 CC attack but the zerg was never applying pressure on you. So you reacted right and you were the one pressuring and attacking. But you had many times the opportunity to go for your third. If you are facing a better zerg player, who's defecting your attacks you would have run out dry on min  in mid-game.

- you lose a lot of marines to baneling. You did well with your tanks sieging up behind your bio mass and stimmed forward and then backward to get those banelings. But your two tanks where to few and also on the same spot. Siege your tanks with a bit more space between them and had a few aliens.

- finally I think you could have drop the zerg. you had the medivacs and a lot of marines idle a lot of time in front of your natural.

I am a really bad player at SC2 so please take this remarks as my humble contribution trying to make low leagues players a bit better.

Have fun and good game.