Join the Pandemic!

Hello you amazingly awesome people! As you can see, my name is Blackstone and I am here on a mission to get YOU, yes you random citizen #526. I am an Officer, at the time of this post, a lowly Second Lieutenant, in the clan. I used to be a Sgt Major of the Army within the clan before I jumped to the dark side of the clan and started helping more with the officerships and paperwork (well, e-paperwork) that the clan needs done. 

So, what exactly are we looking for at Fever Clan? You. Seriously. Any of you! We are a multinational multiple game style, gaming community with such a diverse population that we are simply looking to add more people to our growing family.

I'm posting this here because right now we are looking to primarily flesh out our ranks within the SC2 Division of our community and always looking for bright smiling faces there. What with Legacy of the Void on the incoming, we want to get as many people ready for it as possible. So what does this mean for you?

Well, we offer coaches  to those who desire to get better, free of course, we want everyone to get better and get to where they want to be in skill! We aren't the best coaches, but we have some Diamond league players and even a Master here and there that will be more than happy to teach you some ins and outs. That one more strategy that you could use to crush the opponent or maybe even simply a practice buddy to try something out on or to beat your head against. 

Fever Clan will always be here. This community has been going strong since early April 2007 and has grown constantly to a current active member size of a little over 1,000 members and always growing/flowing!

So come, be a part of Fever Clan and JOIN THE PANDEMIC! 

Oh... and tell them Blackstone sent cha!