Disappointed in Sean

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I always thought that Sean was a pretty smart gamer but his disappointment with the ending to Inside has me disappointed in Sean. Why? Because he's trying so hard to be "satisfied" with the ending (and failing) that he's unable to see that the satisfaction is in playing the game and letting the experience enlighten him. As you play the game you find that many questions arise. Why does the game need to spell out the answers? Why won't Sean use his imagination to answer the questions to his own satisfaction? Better still, study the game and let it answer the questions - the answers are there if youy pay attention.

Sean also fell into his old trap of rushing through the game and not paying proper attention - how many secrets did he find? One wasn't it? If he had properly looked at the environment instead of trying to please those in chat then he would have noticed the yellow cables and what they lead to .....

Yes, I'm disappointed ..... but only in Sean.

For an explanation of the game, please see this great video: