Katawa Shoujo

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Not exactly a game, a Visual Novel, but since Day[9] is dealing with romantic games on MetaDating, I guess it's a good idea to bring this one here.

What it is?

If you never heard about it, you play the role of a young man, Hisao Nakai, who discovered he suffers from arrhythmia when he tries to confess to the girl he likes. After months hospitalized, he moves to a new school, Yamaku High School, for people with special needs so they could adapt themselves and live normally in the nowadays society. Despite the problems and difficulties, Hisao is able to make friends, maybe even find love. The game follows a storytelling pattern as a Visual Novel, branching for different decisions you make.

Personal Impression

I played it recently and I was really impressed with the overall quality of the game and the power that it has to touch your feelings. It's an awesome experience. You may think it's about nailing or seducing disabled girls. It's not. They may happen to have disabilities, but in time, you get to know they are just like another girls, striving up for happiness, dealing with nowadays problems, even trying to overcome their own problems. As a anon said: They resonate with you because you recognize your flaws, needs, desires, triumphs and victories, and those of the loved ones you know and care about. You want to make them happy, because you want them to be happy, because you know them and are them, and in some way you believe everyone deserves to be happy.

Download (It's free :D)

In the game homepage: http://katawa-shoujo.com/

(It contains a little of +18 content, so if you're under 18, turn the adult content filter on, inside the game options. Seriously. Do it. Or else your hair will fall off. Yep, you'll become bald. Before 18.)

Quick edit: I'm so happy that they played it. :D Thank you, Day9. You are an awesome man.