Being a better gamer from Africa :D

I am Moe and am actually from (Sudan,Africa) Been following the Starcraft scene since early 2010 and loved every second of it.

I lived in the U.S for 5 years and still go there from time to time i currently live in Sudan,which brings me to where i found out about the Starcraft 2 Competitve scene through Mr.Sean Plott it was a great experience through these years from the dailies to the main events ( even though i played Starcraft back in the day it was just casual along with other Rts like Red alert 2,Warcraft 2 etc..)

 I still currently play Sc2 even though i play it with 250-300 ping i managed to make it to Platinum League On Kr and Na i still find the game to be amazing,remarkable and complete and would to continue to be a better gamer. <3 :D

If anyone would like to add me for practice just pm me your bnet tag.

<3 Thank you to all the wonderful Sc2 community. <3