General tips for building up Gold AFAP

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Sean mentioned a week or so ago that he was looking to get as much gold as possible.  With Goblins Vs. Gnomes on the horizon, I imagine many more people are looking to do the same, so I thought posting this might be a good idea.The following is pretty much common sense, but maybe someone will catch something they're missing.

-Manage quest refreshing properly, click that red X on any 40 gold quest to refresh it, aiming for 60 or 100 gold quests (which you should complete and never refresh)
-Avoid completing any 40 gold quests if possible, save them to refresh out later, more gold in the long run
-Make sure you've done all possible unique quests for gold, detailed at .  It can be easy to miss stuff like defeating every Expert AI or getting all Basic cards (every hero to Level 10 or more).
-Grind ladder, 10 gold for 3 wins isn't much, but if you've been meaning to grind more anyway, this is a decent incentive to do it.
-If you've got serious balls, you can try to 'go infinite' in Arena.  If you have the skill, and the time, to get lots of wins consistently here, it's the best way to save up even more gold, as well as a ton of dust to craft GvG cards later.
-Beg friends and family for gift cards in your stocking.
Any thoughts?  Personally I'm barely over the Naxxramas hump and am doing the best I can.