Day9 Inspired Me to Stream (To Be A Better Gamer!)

When I say inspired, I don't mean start streaming at 7-8 P.M. and have FUNDAY SUNDAY and completely copy Day9. I mean completely something else.

So here's the story. I absolutely love Starcraft. It is SUCH a fun game. But I am so scared to play it on my own, and I have the desire to get better at it. Though since I'm scared to play it on my own, I never play it, thus making me terrible at the game. Just another bronze league player

THEN, one day I was struck with an idea! The whole idea of people watching me stream would motivate me to play the game, thus causing me to get better! I'll call the stream "Road Up the Leagues," and will document myself getting better, hopefully getting up into higher leagues (yes, long-term thinking).

Of course, this is just an idea. I'll being doing my first stream (I have done a full test stream) today at 7 P.M. CST (8 P.M. EST | 5 P.M. PST). I have everything set up quite nice, and have to say, it looks quite good. Hopefully a few of you can stop by and check it out. Thanks Day9, for inspiring me to be a better gamer!

Here's my twitch: