Race Choice Problems

So I have been having a bit of a dilemma.   I love Terran, all of my favourite players are Terran, and I love the playstyle; however, I also like Zerg.  Thing with Zerg though is that I really just like winning games.  Now this isn't a balance post about how Zerg is easier the Terran -- although for me it is -- this post is more about weighing the values of each.  When I play Zerg I don't feel as good when I win but I am in mid-masters.  As Terran though, every win feels great but that account is only Diamond.

I really struggled to get Masters and it means a lot to me but I would like to know from you guys: What would you do in my situation?

Is it the race you love to play badly or the race that gives you the results you feel you should be getting?