SNES games are the best.

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  1. Super Mario RPG - Incredible game; quirky, engaging, classic.
  2. Super Mario World - Obvious choice. Along with Mario 3, really defined Mario games.
  3. Earthbound - A strange RPG, but very emotional and singular. You might cry.
  4. Mega Man X - As Egoraptor's 'Sequelitis' video indicates, MMX is one of the greatest sequels [or games] of all time.
  5. Kirby Super Star - A collection of Kirby games, including several very enjoyable new ones, results in the definitive Kirby experience.
  6. Super Metroid - Again, a game that defined what a Metroid game represents. Atmospheric in a way few believed the SNES could be.
    Honorable Mention: Zombies Ate My Neighbors - Not of the same godlike quality as the previous games, ZAMN is a quirky two-player ?adventure? game that is one of the best ways to get frustrated with a friend.