Rigged map from the end of Funday Monday

I'm Buswolley, the 'hacker' from the end of this last Funday Monday. I made the map for the very rigged TvP match that I played with my good friend Kionius.

Some people in the chat wanted to play the map. Search for it on the US server. It's called Derelict Watcher RE, and it's published by me, [GhoS]Buswolley.

If Day9 crew's reading, thanks for picking our little replay. Give our wacky map a try sometime.

A couple tweaks that didn't see the daily: Ravens cost 100 less gas. The Robo Facility can make lurkers. Observers have a new ability: Observer Mitosis, which spawns a new observer after a 30sec cast. Warp Prisms had the same large capacity & fast dropping that the Medivacs did. Tanks didn't have stim: that button redirects the stim to the marines inside the tank, just like the Bunker's version of that button. Tanks and Thors have emergency thrusters, just like hellions.