Getting Back Into StarCraft

I am apart of the demographic that casually plays StarCraft II. I was very active during the first year of the game. Then my play slowly started to fall behind as other games took the forefront. I still watch the daily when I get the chance and I still browse TeamLiquid almost daily, but I haven't logged into StarCraft II in a long time. I never really developed a build order beyond 20 food and relied on my own perception of what to do. For example, I play Zerg and I would usually open up with a fast expand, get my queens, and then go from there. I had general timings in my head (I should get gas X seconds after lair, I should get +1 +1 X seconds before this). It was never perfect, nor was it perfectly optimized, but I enjoyed it.

I want to want to like StarCraft as I find excelling in it far more satisfying than any other game I have played thus far. What do you think is the best way to get back into 1v1s? I've been watching the meta develop through streams and VODs and watch almost every streamed tournament in full.

  • Should I work on build refinement first against AI? Where are some good build resources for me to start with (besides tl wiki)?
  • Should I just jump right into 1v1 ladder?
  • Should I try some 2v2 or 3v3 until I feel comfortable?

I would say that I do have some ladder anxiety, but that's because I think my performance and my perception of what I should be doing are on two entirely different levels and I'm disappointed in myself for not being able to recreate top level play behind my own monitor. That's something I should work on and I will eventually get better at. I want some guidance as to where to start.