Can someone help me decide my race once and for all?

I've been playing for maybe 6 months or so, I'm in silver and I've been playing Random from the get-go so I could get a feel for all the races and know the game well. However, I feel it's about time to pick one race and stick with it with the idea that maybe it will help me progress further. Problem is, I can't decide between Protoss or Zerg. I won't pick Terran, they just don't feel right for me. With Protoss, I don't win a lot (40% win)...but I feel like it's more my personality drawing me to that race. I like the pro players who play it more than Zerg pros (WhiteRa, InControL, etc) also. With Zerg though...I win...a good amount of my games (63% win). I feel comfortable as the race..and I know builds and counters better than I do with Protoss..but that's just because I have more time played with it. I like some Zerg players to (IdrA, Stephano, etc.) but I feel like I fit in more with the Protoss community...but I'm not sure. Someone help me haha am I just over thinking this? What do I do? (Sorry for the long post)