Show interuptions are too much.

I have to get this off my chest because I pay money to watch Day9's show and being that I am a paying customer of his content, I simply have to bring up the interruptions. What is with the constant cats and cat talk? I understand he just got the cats a while ago and all that. Sean speaks about liking to have a professional show and it being sharp and put together but the shows recently have been anything but. I understand he has his own flavor and loose way of doing things but enough is enough.

Last nights mostly walking was so bad I had to stop watching. I couldn't stand another loud yell or shriek hurting my ears and contributing to nothing simply because a grown man couldn't figure out that he should put his cats in another room and close the door. I mean really???  Then later in the show, he sits doing a puzzle uninvolved while Sean and Bill (mostly Bill) sat there and blabbered on and while Bill can be funny with his ramblings, it quickly fizzled into "I'm wasting time because there's no story progression and Day9 won't relent so that we can get on with this". He sat there screaming the entire time about hating the puzzle, wanting to finish the game and yet instead of look up the answer to something none of us cared about, (even putting up a poll where most everyone agreed to look up the answer and move on INCLUDING SEAN B). 

I feel like there was a big middle finger thrown our way during that discussion in chat where most of us seriously wanted to move on. It's like buying a product and the salesman telling you too bad. Just because we are on the internet does not mean the customer isn't right or that you can treat people that way. I'm no kid either. I don't get hurt feelings or boo hoo but I felt like I was disrespected along with a lot of other folks voicing their opinions about that and those damn cats that are consistently a distraction. It's like he has ADD.

I'm not a big part of the community because of various reasons but I do pay because I felt that the product was worth it. However, lately it has not been. I know some of you feel the same way because I have read various threads speaking about the lack of SC2 content, etc.

I am seriously considering stopping my subscription after last night. Unfortunately if he next show is much of the same, I definitely will.