Nightmare House 2

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This is honestly the most terrifying game on the market. It's a mod for half-life 2 (also needs episode 2) and can be acquired for free via steam or your favorite mod website! The game may sound cliche in description, but its execution as horror game is second to none. I'll leave a brief description and a few videos to help you decide!

You are driving across the coast to visit your family when suddenly your car starts to break down. You end up rolling right in front of a house before your car completely quits on you. You have no cellphone so your only choice is to ask the inhabitants for some help. You open the giant, rusty gate and begin to walk up the path. You are barely five feet in when the gate slams shut. Something doesn't look right about this house...

Developers Promo Video 

Another poor soul playing this awesomely scary game!