Spell Power Hunter Hearthstone Decktacular PLEASE!

In one of the decktaculars I heard Sean talk about wanting to do a spell power hunter so I played around with it and its hilarious. I would love to see Sean play it and see what happens. 

Heres my deck I made (I don't have some of the cards I would have liked to put in it but its a start)

2 arcane shots

2 leper gnomes

2 web spinners

2 explosive traps

1 kobold geomancer

2 animal companions

2 kill commands

1 shade of naxxramas

2 multi shots

1 ancient mage 

2 hound masters

2 cobra shots

 2 explosive traps 

2 azure drakes 

2 savannah highmane 

1 sylvanas windrunner

1 dr. boom

1 king crush (for shits and giggles)

What do you guys think any suggestions?