AirMech - Action RTS from Carbon Games

AirMech is in Open Beta! Our trailer is quite old, so I figured anyone here just wants to see the meat of it--a commentated PvP game. As we come toward the end of Beta we'll do more in terms of trailer and such, but indie life leaves you with little time.

So what is this? It's a Free-to-Play, not Pay-to-Win, hardcore Action RTS. It's equal parts Dota, Starcraft, Command & Conquer, Advance Wars, Total Annihilation...and Herzog Zwei. HZ is really the core, and everything else I have borrowed/stolen as needed to modernize HZ.

Just give me the awesome bits! Stop talking! Ok, back of the box:

  • Pilot a transforming mech!
  • Pick up and move around any of your units!
  • Fight alongside your units!
  • Unlock new units, plan advanced strategies with your team
  • Pay-to-Pretty, not Pay-to-Win!
  • Lots of cosmetic bits, if you are into that kind of stuff
  • $20 "I hate F2P progression crap" bundle with all gameplay bits!
  • Carbon hosts the servers, so no cheating possible!
  • Global Chat with events and prizes
  • Friends lists, Faction system
  • Full Quest system (think Achievements that give you rewards)
  • Player run Market to buy and sell almost anything
  • Created by an indie dev! (previously created Fat Princess)

Who is Carbon Games? We're a group of friends who previously worked together to create the PSN game Fat Princess, which was then sold to Sony. This was a lesson that if you want to be able to keep supporting a game, you need to own it yourself. We update AirMech pretty much every week, and love getting feedback from the community and working with them to make the game better.

Personally, it has been by dream to make AirMech for a long long time. It was pitched to publishers many times over the past years, before Dota/Moba games became cool for publishers to like. Also I was told many times that giant mechs are not "cool". I exerted extreme self control to not punch some marketing guy in the face for that one.

So here it is, the game I have always wanted to make, and was pretty much forced to make because no one else seemed to be working on it. I have a ton of respect for the original developers, but I think they'd be pretty happy at how their original concept has been modernized and updated.

We use a custom engine combined with some Open Source bits, and we've even Open Sourced some parts of our tech. I'd love to get Day9 to check the game out someday, but I also want the game to be "done" before he does so it makes the strongest possible impression.

And if you really want to see more movies, here you go, one from PAX and one craaaazy cool fan video: