Protoss Early Aggression / All-in Help

I am a silver/gold league protoss player looking for advice as I move to adopt a more aggressive playstyle, I typically sit at my base all game long only really attacking when I am at 3 - 4 bases and have maxed out my army. I have absolutely no map control during this time or vision unless I have an observer or two floating around, essentially my games are a race to deathball.

I am trying to break this habit by using early attacking builds like all-ins which force me to leave my base earlier to help with the above as well as learn the different units better, get a bit more comfortable moving around the map more and improve my apm.

Would appreciate advice on early aggression, attack timings, what to scout for or build suggestions to experiment with I play unranked so not worried about success rate.

Currently experimenting with a 4 gate msc prism immortal 1 base build that attacks around the 7 - 8 min mark, this replay shows what I have to work with but I didn't implement it as well as I should of and I am pretty sure the guy I was playing against left too early and probably could have come back from my attack but it was one of my first games of the day and first using that build against a live player.