Thanks All

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I did have a look around for some builds but found most were for WoL which HotS can play differently to so I tended to avoid them.

I have found the 4 gate to be a solid build given you can warp in a decent force when needed but haven't actually committed to anything before hand so its not necessarily at the expense of your economy. Using the prism with it is nice simply because if your opponent doesn't have a similar sized army to defend with, dropping zealots in their mineral line can do a lot of damage during your attack.
I added immortals to counter stalkers and roaches, not very successful against zerg given the number of roaches they can get up they can kill off the rest of your army leaving your immortals vulnerable to lings if they don't kill them straight up. Against protoss they do ok but I did lose to a 4 gate that pumped out a lot of stalkers early which could kite my zealots and then they overwhelmed my immortal leaving me sparse with units and behind in the stalker count giving them the win. In either case I don't think they really add anything to 1 base play and are something I should hold off from until I have 2 bases up.
Question about skytoss, how effective is it off 1 base? If I 4 gated not to kill but to delay them from expanding to their natural holding back a warp cycle so I could get my own expansion up, what would they be able to get up in terms of air units assuming they 4 gated as well to hold off my initial poke? I am thinking of following up an attack like that with a stalker immortal push, immortals giving the advantage fighting against their gateway units with stalkers supplementing immortals against ground forces as well as combat against their air units. Would they be able to get up enough air to overwhelm my stalkers I am thinking of transitioning to a 7 gate robo like build after the initial push to achieve this except I would go lighter on the gas as I wouldn't be building sentries and instead would be much more mineral heavy.