Dear Day9 Community This is for Riley's Children Hospital Let''s Help

Purdue University every year holds an event call the Purdue University Dance Marathon. It is an event where members of Purdue University who volunteered to raise money will dance for 24 hours straight along with patients and kids from Riley Hospital to raise money for Riley's Children Hospital.

This year, here we are again raising money for Riley's Children Hospital to help children with disabilities, cancer, other sicknesses, and research development on curing diseases. Last year we raised $303,562.82 for kids and we are trying to break the record this year.  

If you want to know more about this event Here is the link that will tell you more about what Purdue University Dance Marathon does. Just copy and paste to your URL

And here my link to help fund raise for Riley Hospital for Children. Just copy and paste the link to your URL and click on Support me on the right.  I want to spread the message to more people out there to help out the less fortunate.

I really hope you would all take time to read this and donate. Any amount of donation would work.

Thank you so much for reading this.

P.s. can I suggest a Funday Monday idea? - You have to vespene gas block your opponenent has every 3 minutes!