Thank you! I guess!

Just some thoughts about the Widow Mine:
I think that people talk too much about how you can use it aggressively, if it keeps a high main target damage, Terrans will be pretty much immune to harass if they put one or two behind a worker line.
It'll also be really good to use it against early pushes, for example, walling off and place some Mines behind the wall will do GREAT damage against pretty much anything.

I think it needs a great nerf in either the Main target damage or the Splash damage, right now the unit is amazingly good against pretty much anything, picking off important units, like 3 for a Colossus, or 1 to damage a group of Marines greatly.

What do you guys think? (I'm thinking more about how the unit was before the latest change, because hey, that change was kind of retarded)

Thanks :)