Trials of The Xel'Naga

So I just graduated with a degree in computer engineering, and I was thinking that recreating the Trials of the Xel'Naga for the SC2 Arcade would be an excellent summer project.  You guys remember, this stuff:

But I wanted to hear from you guys first.  As weird as it sounds, I'm looking to make this thing 'balanced', so that it doesn't require a moderator to control the abilities and autocasts randomly every 5 minutes.  Obviously, luck will have a lot to do with who wins, but there were some things that were a little too good.  I remember the Mega Infestors being way the hell too good (InControl vs Select G2) and the Planet Cracker definitely leaned towards the right.  Were there any other special units or abilities that made things abnormally unfair?  Conversely, which things did you guys think worked really well (and should be done more often)?

And if you see this Sean, might you have some of your code for this still kicking around somewhere?  If it's proprietary, I understand, but that could be the difference between this taking one month and  5 months to complete. :)