New and Improved DayKnights Symbol!

I really wanted to get this done sooner for you guys, but life has a habit of sneaking up on you. Anyway, I did a bit of reworking on the symbol to make it look cleaner and prettier. The Latin I decided to leave as Melior Lusor Es instead of Es Melior Lusor. Fuffaknight, Charles and I had a discussion about the phrasing , Charles mentioned that either way would be correct and I thought that Melior Lusor Es sounded better. If you guys want it the other way  just let me know! I added a bunch of downloadable sizes for you guys too. If you need anything else just let me know!

Also you should tell me what you think of the improvements! 



Downloadables: 1080p Desktop 2560p Desktop iPhone Background Android Phone Background and best of all a clan symbol!