Looking for participants for my online (game-related) study

Hi all,

I'm a M.Sc. student studying human-computer interaction at the University of Saskatchewan, and I'm currently running an online study looking at how players of different skill levels are able to locate their opponents within a first-person shooter. I'm hoping that there are a variety of FPS skill levels represented here, which is exactly what I'm looking for. The study involves watching a series of videos and then answering questions based on the videos. Afterwards you get to see exactly how well you did as well as find out ways you may have known the answers.

When I'm done collecting my data, I'll share as much as I'm able to.

The URL is: http://colbyj.pythonanywhere.com/intro

I'm a big fan of Sean's work (particularly Mostly Walking and Funday Monday when it was still on) and it definitely helped inspire me get to the path I'm on where I get to study video games. <3