WoToG Velen OTK


Been having a lot of fun with Velen OTK since Embrace the Shadows is so great with it. Replacing Mind Blast with Flash Heal allows for greater survivability, and with so many other sources of healing/ damage (Darkshire Alchemist, Earthen Ring Farseer, Justicar Trueheart), losing one or even both Flash Heals doesn't necessarily mean you've lost the game. Early and Mid game, as you can probably tell, is pretty rough, but if you get good enough value plays you can often just out- value the opponent and win without needing the comberino to make it happen.

I'm by no means a high ranking player, and I'm sure there's plenty to improve on with this decklist. Suggestions on what to swap would be more than welcome. Don't expect to climb the ladder with this, but if you ever wanted to know what healing for -28 damage feels like (spoiler: it's awesome), feel free to give this a try!