I call it, The PikaPoke!TvP

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Heya :>

I was thinking about a couple builds in my head that might be neat to use in TvP (specifically Maru's TvP in daily 707, and the Heart stim timing, some more aggressive stuff!). I just kind of.. thought I could smush the builds together and see what happened. (stim timing w/ 1 rax expand, basically <.<)

I've got a replay <3 It was kind of a first-shot sort of deal, but I feel like its actually a neat little build (and /fistpump! I thought I did a good job on my macro :>)!

http://drop.sc/381647 (It's only like a 10m practice game <3)

Some notes:

The poke moves out around 7:50, with 16 marines, 4 marauder (one round just finishing up) stim and CS finishing by the time you get to the enemy base.

Behind it, as I was moving out, I was able to have +1 atk on the way (~40%)with a factory DONE, and starport 60% complete. A drop follow-up with +1 sounds like it'd be very good.

Let me know what you guys think :D I'd really appreciate it if you guys could throw some Protoss timings at me as well, maybe we can prove/disprove its effectiveness <3