[T]TvP - Marine+Tank! Strengths/weaknesses?

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We'll start with perhaps the most important thing first: Don't completely discount this entire thread because you see TvP and tanks in the same sentence. You say immortals, I say marines. You say colossi, I say vikings, etc.

That, and this is NOT World of Chesscraft 2 <3 The success of an engagement/match, while somewhat dependent on composition, relies on other factors as well. Production, powerofmicro (Hold out your hands <.<), position, upgrades.

So, Heya! :D

I am a gold league terran player with a burning love for tankz and mariners.

In general, I use Bomber's TvP build (http://day9.tv/d/Day9/day9-daily-470-bombers-tvp-revolution/) but I honestly just don't like the play-style associated with bio and mass-aggro.

I love my super passive/defensive play, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside <3.

This is where the tanks come in :D! I've been wondering if this marine/tank style has any merit in the TvP match-up because of any possible colossus/immortal play. (Dem Immortals!)(Which is why people say this style is awful, however! ->). Perhaps incorporating marauders/ghosts/vikings can solve that? Any thoughts are appreciated <3.

Let's talk builds - I found a few marine/tank builds (Some were not necessarily TvP builds - I have no idea if TvZ M+T will work in TvP)

I'd love any input you guys can offer on this <3 Especially opinions on the Bomber TvZ - Attacks that can wtfdemolish terran, vulnerability timings for protoss, protoss tech timings, Can these builds even support marine/tank/viking/ghost/raven production, and general strengths/weaknesses of the weird build/s! More builds would be interesting to check out as well :D

       Thanks! :D I put some hours worth of effort into this, I hope it shows!

       P.S. Those are some strong hearts :D

Edited for pretty. (Like Day9's paint skills <3)

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