Screw it, I'm done.

Just finished midterms and was hoping for a weekend full of SC2. However, the last 12 games i've played have ALL been cheeses.

This is what you have to look forward to if you're around Rank 40 Silver. (my rank)

Terran = mass marines/marauders (medivacs may or may not be present)

Zerg = mass lings and nothing else

Protoss = cannon rush or proxy gates

And whenever I get a real game from my opponent, im expecting yet another cheese, so my strategy is all off and i get crushed.

I have ladder anxiety out the ass and these retards aren't helping. Even if i get out of the hell-hole that is bronze/silver ladder, i wont be nearly good enough to compete in gold since no one is giving me a real game. I'm done with this fucking game. Im out.