Token Shaman

Okay, so I'm not that good a HearthStone, but I've been having a lot of success with this deck, so I thought I should share it with you lovely people. If druid can have a token deck, why not shaman?

Oh, I'm really sorry but I can get HearthStone to work in English, so the names of cards will be in French. If anybody knows the names of these cards, please do give them to me.

The deck list:

So basically, you don't care about swips or other AOE (don't know who you would call those, but I hope you get it) because you only need 2-4 creature on board for the "combo" to work. If other people a playing similar decks, I would love feedback. 

Love and affection to all

P.S: i can't get the image to work propely (but anyway, it's in french so....)