Deck should be more focused

This deck seems conflicted to me - not as badly as Day[9]'s Subtlefail deck, but there's quite a bit of material that, while strong, doesn't really play with the rest of it.

Bite's the biggest offender here.  It doesn't do that great of a job of clearing the board, its damage doesn't scale with spell damage, you're not running cards that get stronger when you play a spell, and it's not a minion to work with Defender of Argus.  I'd replace them with something like +1 Azure Drake (which has an effective mana cost ~8) + 1 very low costing card (Moonfire and Claw seem like good candidates).

Sunfury Protector and Defender of Argus hinge on there being minions that you want to give Taunt, whereas your strongest minions already have Taunt.  If you up your count of 2-3 costing minions I'd keep the Defender of Argus around, otherwise I'd ditch all of both cards in favor of cards that are more proactive (in particular, a second copy of Druid of the Claw makes sense, as if you find yourself needing some Taunt it will hook you up).

Much of the deck seems focused on getting a late game advantage through card advantage, but Innervate sabotages that plan by making you draw effectively blank cards.  Innervate is best when there is some specific point in the game where you want to win or some specific combo you want to pull off 2 turns earlier.  In my experience the card is much less impressive when played just to speed up enough to not die in the early game; that task is better accomplished by running cards that can be played early on.  2 costing minions or Claws seem like good candidates.

If instead there IS some particular point in the game by which you're trying to have pushed out all your resources and claimed a win, you'll want to keep the Innervates and get rid of cards like Loot Hoarder and Azure Drake, which sacrifice a lot of short term power just to draw you cards.