Here was my reasoning

The reason I took the time out to make an account and write this post was because I felt that there was a glaring gap in Sean's analysis in his Hearthstone streams.  I have full faith in Sean's ability to think strategically - he demonstrates this regularly in his SC2 dailies - but the most fundamental tool for doing analysis in Hearthstone was nowhere to be found.

If he knew he could / should be measuring successes of plays, then he would do so in his streams, but he doesn't, so this led me to the conclusion that he was oblivious to the notion altogether, and as such the subsequent streams wouldn't have that sort of analysis, either.

What my OP offers to a reader is that analysis tool.  The introductory paragraph was made to simultaneously inform the reader of what data the rest of the post would provide, and why I thought it was data that would be useful to a person viewing Day[9] Hearthstone Decktaculars.

The first paragraph is of course trying to get the attention of the indended audience - that's the whole point of any introduction.  But, as for whether I deliberately made my statements offensive to get more attention than my ideas deserve, the answer is no.  I'm also not going to go out of my way to coddle Sean; I think he can take constructive criticism.