Zerg Newbie Wants some Budz!

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So! I've never really posted anything before, so not sure how to start, so I'll start  by saying: Hey, I'm  new at starcraft 2, Goin' zerg, finding it a lot of fun... Except It's really difficult for me to get timings down! I'm still in the practice league, but I just want some people to play against and help me practice. I have no friends that play starcraft 2 and it's really difficult for me to go find some friends to help me out with this kind of stuff.. give me some tips here and there, push me in the right directions, share things with.. So! I came over here, after watching a -LOT- of newbie tuesdays, which made me better off by far than what I was (Now I know about timings, that I need to get stuff in a general order, thigns like that) but... I don't have anyone to practice things with, I know that this is what the practice league is fooor... but they don't tend to stick around and help you out when you lose, or give you some tips even if you win. If you want to put some tips here, go ahead, if you want to play and talk to me there:
Name - Croy
Code - 764
Also! I'm on the US servers, if that matters (Which I think it does)