Looking for Deck Critique - The Boost Mage

So, I was doing some random deck building when I came across a cool concept; using the Mage's Hero Power to trigger cards with Enrage effects.  So far it's been doing rather well, I've had like a 70% win rate today, over something like 15 games.  The idea is to keep your opponent's cards relatively low in the game with Hero Power, some spells (especially with a buffed Mana Wyrm), and then hide behind good taunters while you summon your Enrage-minions and hero power to hit them with just enough damage to activate without having them out on the front lines.  Early game card draw is vital to find your good taunters, which is what the Novice Engineer, Arcane Intellect, and Acolyte of Pain are primarily for (hide the Acolyte behind a taunter, and you can Fireball it to 1 Hp and then run it into something for full value).  If you start getting overwhelmed, I have a Mind Control Tech and a Flamestrike to handle minions, and Ice Barrier/Counterspell to stall a bit.  

There are still a few cards I don't have which I want to craft or get in a pack at some point; definitely Raging Worgen and Tauren Warrior, since they also utilize Enrage.
I want to cut perhaps Novice Engineer, but need the card draw.  On the other hand, running only a few big counters to bigger threats, having only 1 Fireball and 1 Polymorph makes it often difficult to win longer, more drawn out games.  Any recommendations?
So far I'm running;
1 x Arcane Missiles
1 x Mirror Image
1 x Mana Wyrm
1 x Arcane Explosion
1 x Frostbolt
2 x Amani Beserker
1 x Ironbeak Owl
1 x Novice Engineer
1 x Arcane Intellect
1 x Ice Barrier
1 x Counterspell
1 x Acolyte of Pain
1 x Ironfur Grizzly
1 x Flesh-eating Ghoul
1 x Mind Control Tech
1 x Fireball
1 x Polymorph
1 x Chillwind Yeti
1 x Gnomish Inventor
1 x Ogre Magi
1 x Sen'jin Shieldmaster
1 x Defender of Argus
1 x Water Elemental
1 x Spellbreaker
1 x Goblin Bodyguard
1 x Gurubashi Beserker
1 x Lord of the Arena
1 x Hogger
1 x Flamestrike