Does anyone else feel like this?

I am super excited for the new metagame in PvZ that is quite possible considering sOs has proved it by becoming the world champion, but is it not painful that Terran has no such luxury? I really feel like Terran is so doomed to Bio play, MMM and sometimes, M. I mean, I'm surprised there are still Terran players, the race has gotten so stale. We haven't seen a new build since HotS besides Bio Mine, there is Bio Hellbat, and, something I have been trying to work into the TvP matchup. I just feel Terran is severely limited while Zerg and Protoss have a lot of choices that have yet to really be discovered. I'm not saying one bit that anything is OP or any such statement, simply that Terran play is certainly far from as flexible as Zerg or Protoss.