Starcraft Vs Leauge of Legends Esports Scene

Hello! I have been curious about what everyone thinks about the starcraft's chance in the esports scene now. Since patch 1.3.0. the game has declined from 9.2 Million players to a small 5.5 million. The streams on events seem to have constant if not less viewers for events than they have had in the past however league of legends has been constantly growing in viewership and had a 2 million dollar prize pool for their season 2 finals. I really don't want to see Starcraft Keep declining in players/viewers because it is an amazing game. So my question is, what is league doing that is getting them so many viewers and how come they keep increasing and what can blizzard do to "resurrect" if you will the Starcraft scene and get back ahead. Thanks for your time <3. Stats on the playerbase from :3