Im completly new to this game and wonder where i should be going

Before i post anything here id like to say hello to my fellow.. Starcrafters(?) and wish you guys a great new year.

Im a main league of legends player, im almost diamond which means.. im not bad, not really good. I just picked up Starcraft 2 like a week ago, the starter edition. I used to play Broodwar years ago for fun, i think overall i made like 15-20 matches spreaded over 10 years. I just now got back into SC thanks to.. Husky! Most awesome guy out there ( with day9 obviously haha ) and got into the channel of day9. The whole analysis and strategy got me really, like REALLY hooked. I started playing , started out with terran cuz i like it most, dont know why :D

Now, im playing usually against bots, im vs "hard" now ( like the "5.level" of difficulty ) and im having a pretty damn easy time actually, i wonder if its the same like in league of legends ( bots are basically a dumb joke around there ) 

I have an average of 80 apm, my highest was 160 and the last game i have like 100 average. The thing is, i always ALWAYS have a lot of spare minerals and ( gas less ) i kind of forget to build what i wanted to, when i fight out i have keybinds on regions, on my base for focus, on my buildings to produce while attacking, spreading my armies.. etc.. im trying to get better at this game, its kind of exciting to see how well i did after every match and compare to my average or match before, i love that.

now i would like to know, there must be a Shit-ton of things i dont yet know, i missed, i yet have to learn/understand, would some of you be so kind to tell me what exactly i should focus on right now? I also kind of mis-time some buildings and i find myself expanding too late...things like that. Thanks in advance guys, much appreciated!