Thank you so much everyone

Alright so first off : big big thanks to all of you guys that responded, this will help me a lot for sure, but where is the like button feature?? :D I will definitely be going through the list of dailys you recommended me to look at, im addicted to them anyway already! xD

I will get the 2 mods that you guys wrote here and see how it can help me. I see that i get lost during the macro , especially the timing of buildings and scvs. I already have main hotkeys assigned, area hotkeys assigned and im fairly used to switching around already :)

Further, i kind of had that feeling about the bots. At the end of the match they did have good amounts of resources but also like 5k resources on average this is not a benchmark to go after. 

By the way, level surely does not indicate too much here, but how comes that i win vs lvl 70+ and sometimes lose vs lvl 10-15? Probably my lack of exp. and inconsistence? 

Thanks again to all u guys helpin me out, youre great help! Ill have a great time here and on SC2 for sure :)