Need your help, Esports promoting

Hey there guys I don't know if this is the right place to put this but Ill continue regardless.

I am Darcovian and I am from the UK, this little bit of information is essential for the rest of this. I am thoroughly in love with Esports in general, not just Starcraft 2 and I have a desire to see it expand as much as physically possible. However, one thing I have noticed that it has only really properly taken off in USA and Korea, but I want to expand the influence as much as possible.

Esports has obviously grown exponentially over the last 10 years, and more people are starting to acknowledge its legitimacy. However, some countries its progress has halted and its influence has hit a brick wall if you like. I wish to smash this brick wall in to pieces, in my country (UK) Esports is known but its influence is very limited. I dream of a day where families can sit at home watching TV cheering on their favorite Gamers with the rest of their countries. I dream of a day where you can sit in Pubs and Bars with friends watching your favorite teams duking it out, yes barcrafts do exist but in my country they are very limited. I dream of a day where Esports take the world by storm.

So what Am I saying?

to put in as short of a form as possible, I want to expand Esports in countries where it is not as well developed. However, I cannot do this alone I need to support of as many people as possible who share the same passion that I do for Esports. I want to start promoting Esports via as many different outlets as possible. But I am one person on a very limited budget with only a couple of ideas to name.

What I am asking is do you have any thoughts or Ideas in which I could promote the Idea of Esports be it youtube, Lan events etc and what could I do to encourage people who have never thought of Esports to try something new and to engross themselves in it. The ideas I've had so far are.

-Youtube Channel Focusing on the history of Esports, its current standing and recent news from current Esport titles

-Interviews with Pro gamers, asking them their journies from zero to hero

-Organising Lan events where people can come and play their esports surrounded by people of similar interests.

-Website organising community tournaments with featured prizes and things.

and thats all I have so far, My ideas mostly cater to current Esports enthusiasts rather than new starters so how would I go about attracting people to the idea of Esports?

All feedback is appreciated whether good or bad and any ideas you guys have would be amazing.