Birthday Reflections

Today, I turned 20 years old. While this fact is somewhat irrelevant to the purpose of this message, it did spur the line of thinking!

All my life I've struggled to find a place in society; be it as a couple, as a student or even sometimes as a friend, I've tried and many times failed to figure out how I fit amongst the other humans. They say, "Be yourself", but they don't tell you how to know who this "yourself" fellow is. 

All it took was five bucks. And it's not about the money, it's about the act that carried me to finally find myself to be comfortable with who I am, and if I've started rambling it's because I am so darn proud to be a part of the community that helped me figure out who this awkward mexican sith lord-wannabe was: someone with a lot of joy inside, despite the hard times that may come. Someone who'll laugh (insanely and non-stop) at the face of adversity, and who'll do his best to share what little he has with the people he loves; being a fellow mexican down the street, or one of my friends in Canada, the US, Ireland, England and so many other places.

I know this sentiment is somewhat common, but I am extremely proud to wear the armor of a DayKnight. That my positivity is my blade and that so long as I am able, I shall have brothers and sisters in arms who care about me, and whom I deeply care for. I could not in good conscience ask for a better group of people to have found myself involved with. Be it making fun of Alexander, theorizing about game design, beating the crud out of Kel'Thuzzad, analizing the builds of the pros, dicking around, having a beautiful Day Off or just hanging out with my fellow Knights, I know I chose the right journey to embark myself in.

Sorry, Sean. I'm not quite sure I'm a better gamer. But I sure as hell am a better person thanks to you and yours. Cheers!