Don't learn a build

whoah what? That sounds totally contradictory right? How do you starcraft without a build? 

I don't remember in what daily but Day9 has on numerous occasions mentioned that for beginners it's often best to instead of learning a "at this time/food make x" build, do a "when i have enough, make this" build. This is because for the lower leagues it's better to learn mechanics over builds/counters. 
FilterSC (linked by the first post) talks about this a lot in the bronze/silver portion of his bronze to masters section that good mechanics and just having more stuff than the other guy will net you wins, and THIS IS TOTALLY TRUE FOR BRONZE->GOLD (I can't say anything about plat because I'm not there yet). So I offer these two pieces of advice:
1) DON'T PLAY TO WIN. This is the fastest way to develop ladder anxiety and is also the quickest way to lose sight of the fun in the game. Winning will come with good mechanics and reactions, and both are learned. Focus on you and improving your skill instead of trying to learn a bunch of reactions/transitions that are often dependent on your opponent. 
2) SET CLEAR GOALS OUTSIDE OF THE GAME. Day9 mentions this too, to where instead of going into a game with the mindset "I'm going to go MMM and win", go in with "I'm going to have medivacs out by 10 min and push out". One of them is very vague and easy to fail, the other is precise AND IS ENTIRELY INDEPENDENT OF YOU WINNING (see step 1) and it's meeting this goal over and over again as efficiently as possible that will help make you better. 
I'll leave you with another tool that I highly recommend, the Staircase. If you watched FilterSC's bronze to masters, you'll remember the first video all he did was make marines, scvs, and depots. The Staircase works on mechanics in much the same way, by forcing you to rely on the minimal setup for your race then progressing as you get a handle on it. Right now I'm on doing the Staircase on the European ladder and for the most part I'm simply crushing most of my opponents at top silver (I'm gold on NA). The build I learned through gold before I did the Staircase would be around step 5, and at this step for terran I have all the upgrades etc. available to me. I'm working on my mechanics explicitly and getting results.
Since you seem to be just starting out I recommend working on your mechanics over any build. It's one of the fastest ways to make real progress in the game.