AHGL Season 3 - StarCraft 2 B League Semifinals Twitch vs Raytheon

Until now I've been casting the A league, this week we get to determine one of the B league finalists! Will it be Twitch.TV, the popular streaming platform I'm casting on, or Raytheon, the aerospace and defense contractor?

The After Hours Gaming League is a fun, modern twist to the traditional corporate sports league. Instead of softball or basketball, the AHGL offers corporate teams the chance for some friendly competition on the virtual battlefields of top strategy games. The AHGL is also a fundraiser for charity: corporate teams compete for the chance to donate the $5,000 top cash prize to the charity of their choice.

Season Three runs January to April 2013 and is the biggest season yet! With over 80 teams from 50 companies, the competition will be fiercer than ever.

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