Blog #8: Day[9] Is Making a game with Artillery Games

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l’m thrilled to announce that I’m working on a game with a lovely group of people called Artillery Games!    

I’ve always loved playing games and competing in StarCraft.  So, after college I applied for and was accepted to an Interactive Media (game design) graduate program at USC.  After a few short months, I got a taste of the enormous fun of making your own game.  It’s an indescribably satisfying experience to create a set of rules and see someone have real fun within them.  My first two years consisted of countless hours working on platformers, interactive art pieces, board game prototypes, and random gameplay experiments.  I was certain I’d be starting an independent studio after I graduated.    

And then I found another love: web TV!  I started the Day[9] Daily midway through my second year at USC, beginning my journey and starting Day[9]TV with my college friend Eric!  Throughout this time, Eric and I knew we wanted to work on a game eventually.  We just couldn’t quite figure out how to do Day[9]TV shows and build a game at the same time.      

In early 2011, before Artillery existed, I met some of the now Artillery folk through the After Hours Gaming League.  They were hardcore StarCraft players who played for Facebook and helped Eric and I organize the first AHGL season.  Through the AHGL, I befriended and kept in touch with them over the years until one day, Ankur (formerly of team Facebook) reached out to me about Artillery Games.    

Artillery set out to do the impossible: to have graphically intensive, triple-A games load quickly and run smoothly in the browser.  After gently explaining to Ankur why the idea was technologically infeasible, he pulled out a laptop and showed me an already working demo… on a laptop getting a signal from tethered phone.  “Want to make a game?” he asked.    

Needless to say, I was pretty amazed.  And excited.    

Without any interruption to the usual Day[9]TV show schedule, I’ll be joining with Artillery to help put those years of RTS design ideas into a real, tangible game!  The entire game will run in-browser with virtually no load time.  In a few weeks, we’ll even be sharing some demos of Artillery’s technology, stuff that still blows my mind.