Blog #9: Artillery's Gaming Platform - A Video Demo!

It is my fist-pumpingly-delighted pleasure to reveal a demo of Artillery’s technology platform!

See why I’m so excited?  All the above tech demos were running in a browser.  Without having to download or install a client.  With an empty browser cache.

To this day, working with the technology absolutely blows my mind.  I’ll make code changes in a script, refresh my browser, and BOOM the game loads up with the changes. Whenever it’s time to run some playtests, I generate some URL links and paste them to people and BOOM we’re playing together.

Down the road, I can’t wait to share the first screenshots and demos of our upcoming game title, Project Atlas.  The tech demo video shows the potential of what anybody can do with Artillery’s platform, but Project Atlas is our vision of what a modern RTS could be (and it’s my baby).  The RTS space is severely underexplored in the current game space, and we plan to change that!  For now, though, it shall all remain a secret mwahahahha.

But if you want an easy place to get secrets, news updates, videos, and early access to the Project Atlas beta, feel free to sign up at