Day[9] Daily #132 – Back to Basics: The Mental Checklist


Day[9] talks about having a basic plan and being able to remember what to do effectively. He suggests the player ensure everything is in the process of being built and that the player have a mental checklist that includes making works, making units, chronoboosting, making buildings, etc.  Day[9] also discusses why keeping money low and preventing supply blocks are critical to a clean build order. Day[9] also addresses how to spend any extra money that might be left over after the player has completed the mental checklist. This Daily is all about building good habits.

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Q&A with day[9]

  • Hypocritical aspect of this daily
  • Good checklist for zerg (money low, overlord, making larva)
  • Is it important to use the right Ctrl for 098 keys
  • Saturation checklist/probe production
  • Troubles incorporating PSIstorm
  • Should health bars be on
  • Losing track of basics and learning to keep up the checklist
  • As beginner splitting your army into seperate control groups
  • Slower mouse training/focus (Day9 exercise: play minesweeper)
  • First aspects of understand SC2