Day[9] Daily #142 – Artosis Part 3: A Nutty ZvZ Game


Part 3 of Day[9]'s analysis of Artosis' playstyle, including an insane ZvZ game. Day[9] expands on the concepts of crisis management, under-reacting and over-reacting as well as on overall mechanics and strategy.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • In ZvZ how do you feel about not opening with Z&B but mass Queens & Nydus in to Mutalisks?
  • Promise neglected to finish off all of Artosis' tech buildings after the first Nydus.This could have had Artosis with no way to produce any more defense. Was this a big mistake?
  • What was the one main aspect of Artosis' crisis management that helped him win that game? It seems like most of it was due to his opponent making many mistakes after he got the main.?
  • When Promise tried to break the Spine Crawler wall and encountered a big Roach force, would he not have been better off immediately switching to Mutalisk?
  • Despite the fact that the Spine Crawlers were useful in this game, don't you think spending 1200 minerals on them very early was a little overreacting?