Day[9] Daily #144 – QXC vs KiwiKaki (PvT)


Day[9] shows a match-up between QXC and KiWiKaKi, going from an HT Zealot mix to a 4 robotic Colossus transition in the late game.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Why didn't qxc transition out of Marines and instead go Marauders/Hellions once kiwi went mass Zealots and Colossus?
  • When facing terran using a build like qxc's or even Terran mech, is it better to build Immortals to absorb Tank damage, or Collosi for their superior range and damage?
  • Colossi and Templars seem very redundant, what makes you chose one or the other?
  • QXC had a ton of barracks ... wouldnt it have been good to wall off his 3rd / 4th bases with them to protect the Tanks?
  • Shouldn't Kiwi be mindful of Nukes?