Day[9] Daily #146 – Gold Level 2v2 Analysis


Day[9] analyzes a gold 2v2 play with discussing a strategy that relies on surprising an opponent as well as map awareness. In this game, he encourages players to execute early timing attacks rather than the typical gold 2v2 turtling/macro strategy.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • When you're trying to help people in a strategy forum, how to do you help misinformation?
  • A friend of mine likes playing StarCraft 2 and needs help finding people at his level.
  • How to you deal with early game all-in's on separated in 2v2 map where one partner can't work on defense?
  • How can I get away from going mass Stalkers?
  • I'm new to RTS games, how do I learn to interpret my opponent with scouting?