Day[9] Daily #150 – Special Announcement and HuK replays


Day[9] discusses his SC2 Countdown Party, as well as who and what will be there. Then, he turns to a game in which HuK decides to get late gateways, and his first Zealot while his Cybernetics Core is building. To delay Moo from attacking him, HuK utilizes Immortal drops to keep Moo distracted.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Don't you feel that Moo's constant aggression lacks a sweet spot to tech or expand?
  • I noticed you prefer a 2 gate opener against toss and Zerg as Protoss. Do you think other openers offer as many advantages?
  • How do you determine where your drop units are best served?
  • Do you think that players are too reluctant to combine Warp Prisms with another tech tree because it feels like teching down 2 lines at once?
  • Don't you think all those Marauders are too weak against so many Sentries?