Day[9] Daily #153 – Socke vs MorroW: Counters Are Not Real


Day[9] focuses the reasons for obtaining add-ons, and discourages the viewer from getting them simply because he can. He also discusses avoiding the common Protoss approach of getting one of each tech building. In addition, Day[9] talks about the different responses to these, forcing counters, and why these counters don't necessarily exist.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Why is it ok for Terran to go 1-1-1 but frowned on for Protoss to get one of each unit?
  • Do you think that splitting the Marines into 2 or 3 groups would have saved a few during the last fight?
  • Wasn't the Stargate in the first game there in order to try and make Morrow commit to more Marines?
  • Could Socke have transitioned to Immortals once it was shown that Morrow was going Marauder heavy?
  • As a Protoss player, how can I deal with Ghosts more easily?